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  • Clinical research site

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Clinical research site

with an intensive care room, medical analysis laboratory, laboratory to process biological sample processing and a pharmaceutical unit, specializes in early-phase clinical studies, bioavailability and bioequivalence studies

Clinical research site

MTZ Clinical Research owns an independent clinical research site, located on the premises of the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. Here you can find information on current studies – Ciekawe Badania

In numbers

An area over 400 m2 area was designed to fit the needs of clinical studies conduct
The facility can house up to 30 beds

The Site has following modern equipment:

Resuscitation equipment
Infusion pumps
Monitoring equipment, including tele-ECG

Pharmaceutical room

Investigational products are stored in the Clinical Site’s Pharmacy which features a registered sterile laboratory designed for cytotoxic drug preparation
The level of its microbiological cleanliness (level B) is monitored regularly
The laboratory is equipped with an intake-exhaust ventilation (with HEPA filters) and a laminar flow cabinet

The medicinal product flow

Investigational products are:

Supervised by the experienced pharmacist
Monitored from the moment (of receipt) it is received until returned to the Sponsor
Stored in places, where the temperature and humidity are controlled and monitored

Additional features:

Access to the place of product storage is limited and monitored
Labels are prepared in compliance with GMP requirements
Professional randomization of medicinal products


MTZ Clinical Research established its own:

Certified laboratory of medical analysis thus extending the range of laboratory service offered until now
Laboratory to process biological samples

In Laboratory of biological samples processing

Following services are performed:


Collection of blood samples and processing them under cool or ambient conditions in order to obtain serum or plasma samples
Collection of urine samples and their processing, including urine from 24-hour collections


Full documentation of the processing of biological samples (process is fully documented)

Additional services are performed

The freezing and storage of biological samples (freezing and storage) in freezers adjusted to temp. <-20°C and <-70°C; Current registration of temperature in electronic system and system of alerting equipment in case of any temperature excursions due to freezers or power breakout

Labeling of biological samples and lab kits is provided by external laboratories
Packing of biological samples (packing) under controlled conditions
Shipment of biological samples to any laboratory under conditions of current temperature
Monitoring during the whole process of shipment